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Calm & Clear is the only naturally vegan skincare product that combines Moringa Oil and CBG, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that has shown to have incredible benefits, including skincare.  Moringa oil, a natural antioxidant rich in vitamins A, C and E, acts as a powerful defense against irritated skin.

Calm & Clear is your go-to daily helper for potent, natural relief from stubborn skin concerns on your face or body and promotes clear, calm, and beautiful skin. Unlock your natural radiance!

Solventless Extraction for Holistic Purity

This is the first product to combine the powers of hand-extracted CBG + Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil. All of our products are solventless, so you can feel good about what you put on your face and body.

We use only heat and pressure to extract our hemp to ensure each drop provides the full benefits of the plant. This means we never use solvents or any nasty chemicals in our extraction process. The result? Our extracts are full-spectrum in the purest way possible. Pure whole-plant extraction! Providing the benefits of cannabis the way nature intended.

What is CBG?

Unlike THC, CBG is non-psychotropic and has been proven to have a wide range of health benefits. Because of its naturally low THC content,  people who wish to avoid THC may use full-spectrum CBG for similar reasons that they might use CBD. When applied topically, CBG oil may provide the following benefits:

  • Targeted Support for Skin and Acne Discomfort
  • Relief from discomfort
  • Relief from tired muscles and joints

Ingredients: Cold-pressed, organic moringa oil infused with organically grown Texas hemp flower bred for its high cannabigerol (CBG) content.

30 ml Bottle:  500 mg CBG
1ml = 17.5 mg CBG

10 ml Bottle: 170 mg CBG
1 ml = 17.5 mg CBG 

Versatility: All ingredients are food grade. This product may be used internally or externally.

No solvents. No pesticides. No fillers. No added flavors. No added scents.

The Moringa Tree is one of nature’s most giving creations.  Moringa oil’s high oleic acid content helps the beneficial properties deeply penetrate the skin, making it an excellent daily moisturizer and carrier oil. Our full spectrum CBG oil derived from high-quality hemp grown without pesticides, harmful chemicals or GMOs.

Moringa and CBG are highly beneficial when taken together, so we decided to combine the two! Full Spectrum Soothing Relief CBG Oil is a unique product that utilizes the positive properties of Moringa in addition to CBG.


Additional Info

Cannabis Strain: The White (CBG flower, Organic)
Grower: Texas Hemp Cultivators
Oil: Organic Moringa

Lab Results


We are not doctors and do not make any claims. Nor are any claims others make about our products supported by the FDA. We stand by our products, but would never want anyone to be misled or put off needed medical attention. Woody’s recommends speaking to a medical professional before using any of our products. We love people and the planet! Please reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.


10ml, 30ml

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