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Roasted Street Corn with Moringa, Cashew Crema, + Hemp (Cannabis-Infused Elote)

Roasted Street Corn with Moringa and Cashew Cream

Roasted street corn (Elote), a traditional Mexican street food, is a staple down here in Texas.

The most popular way to eat it is slathered in mayonnaise and/or Mexican crema and sprinkled with chile powder, lime juice, and cotija cheese. Take a trip to one of the numerous farmer’s markets, street fairs, and taquerias and you’ll surely find at least one vendor serving their own take on the classic dish.

This version uses cashew cream, Tajín, dried moringa, and cannabis infused vegan butter!

Cashew cream has a consistency closer to crema than mayonaise. The butter is optional, but it adds richness and depth that some might find lacking from the omission of cheese. And of course, a potent, little kick doesn’t hurt either.

Cilantro is a popular garnish for elotes, and Moringa works just as well. If you miss the cilantro, try adding both! If you’re one of those cilantro-phobics, moringa makes the perfect substitute. The herbaceous flavor and subtle earthy tones of moringa are more versatile than you’d think! Moringa tends to compliment flavors rather than over take them! Our Texas-grown moringa’s bright green color adds a bit of vibrant, visual satisfaction as well.

*We will be adding our Cashew Cream & Cannabis (Hemp) infused butter recipe coming soon. If you already have a favorite recipe, give it a go!

Roasted Street Corn (Elotes)

  1. Roast the corn! This tastes best when done over an open flame or on the grill. However, a stovetop griddle, pan, or grill plate can work in as well. Heat the corn over medium heat or a medium-sized flame while turning every 30 seconds to a minute until charred to perfection. Depending on your setup, this should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

    NOTE:You want to see the color turn from yellow to dark, golden brown. Don’t over cook your corn, or it will be mushy. If your flame is not easily controlled, such as a campfire, move the corn further from the flame. Some black char is okay, but the goal isn’t to eat a mushy stick of ash. You want a perfect, crisp medium between charred and cooked.
  2. Slather in butter! You’re in control here. No rules. But, we do have a few guidelines. If your butter is potent, use less. If it’s a bit light on effects, use a bit more. If you have no idea, start small. We ended up using about a 1.5 teaspoons on each ear.
  3. Spread or drizzle the cashew cream. If too thick, add a teaspoon of water or 1/2 tsp. water & 1/2 tsp. lemon juice. Repeat until you reach the desired consistency. Own a squirt bottle? Great! This will make it easer to distribute evenly (and attractively).
  4. Sprinkle with Tajín and Moringa. We find we don’t need salt and pepper. The Tajín already has salt and chile pepper, so we skip the S & P. But, personal preference is your guide. Go where you want. We aren’t judging.
  5. Serve with a lime wedge for a flavor-enhanced dining experience. We like to drizzle lime juice in-between bites.

Cannabis cooking doesn’t have to be all about cookies and gummies, though we love those as well! Make sure you follow for more innovative ways to incorporate Nature’s most giving superfoods, hemp and moringa, into your daily routine! Woody’s Superfood Moringa Tisane is an essential, versatile addition to any creative cooks kitchen.

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