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Skincare Goals! Moringa Oil Does it All

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Skin Goals! Moringa is all You Need!


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Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is most often used topically as a daily, non-greasy, moisturizer. But it is increasingly gaining popularity in the world of vegan cosmetics and cruelty-free skincare due to its natural beautifying benefits. 

One of the Best Kept Skincare Secrets

This powerful oil naturally promotes firm and tight skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, scars, or stretch marks. It is also known to contain vitamins A, C, and E and research shows it may help produce collagen. The high oleic acid content helps the oil penetrate the skin to provide long lasting benefits and luminous skin.

We recommend applying a small amount and rubbing in circles until absorbed in the morning after you shower or at night before bed. 

Many use moringa on their face and see results similar to those of other expensive daily face creams or serums that make dubious and extraordinary claims related to aging and youth. Some even trade in their collection of facial serums  for  moringa oil!

Woody’s does not claim our organic moringa oil will reverse your age, but we are confident that you will notice its benefits and feel more confident about your skin. 

Oil Cleanser & Makeup Remover

The perfect vegan face cleanser or vegan makeup remover. Two of the lesser known uses! Help maintain clear, glowing skin with a morning or nightly oil cleanse.

Natural Hair Care, Beard Oil, & Aftershave

Behenic acid is used in products to condition hair, and moringa is a natural source. There are plenty of recipes for DIY moringa conditioner or shampoo, but the simplest way to get results is to apply moringa oil to damp hair, just after a shower.

For those of us with beards, moringa oil makes an excellent substitute for traditional beard oil and ensures soft, kiss-friendly whiskers. And whether your shaving your face, legs, or body, it makes a great replacement for aftershave or post-shave lotions.

Unscented Cosmetics

Pure moringa oil is the perfect all-in-one unscented cosmetic for people sensitive to (un)natural scents, aromas, or flavors. Many of these additives are chemical-based despite the use of the word “natural.” The only scents or flavors found in Woody’s Moringa Oil are the earthy notes naturally produced by moringa and hemp. 


If your skin feels like cracked earth in the desert, moringa oil is an oasis of relief.  

Because moringa oil makes such an effective, easy to apply moisturizer, it’s also a great choice for relieving skin discomfort. The non-greasy application makes it the perfect choice for those of us that prefer to avoid scented lotions and creams that always seem to take forever to absorb.


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