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CBG Oil Benefits and Uses

Organic CBG Hemp Moringa Oil

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol, better known as CBG, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid like cannabidiol (CBD). Meaning, it won’t get you high. However, due to its low THC content and therapeutic benefits, it’s becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis health and wellness sphere. So, CBG oil is simple oil that blended with CBG extract.

How is CBG Oil Different From CBD Oil?

Unfortunately, there is not enough research into CBG to make decisive claims on the differences in the effects of CBG and CBD. And, as a wellness company, we’re not allowed to make any claims anyway. 

We can say, however, that many people use CBG for the same reasons people use CBD. For some, it’s low or barely traceable THC content is a draw. For others, it’s the relief it provides. 


When used as a topical, CBG can provide relief from discomfort brought on by tired and overworked or tender muscles and joints. This makes it a popular choice among athletes.

CBG also shows promising skincare benefits and can be applied to the face or affected area to help maintain a clear complexion.

Woody himself, an avid walker who, like many of us, unfortunately spends too much time hunched over his computer, uses it on his neck, shoulders, and feet. 


Some use CBG for mood support and focus. If you’re brain is always buzzing and you haven’t found CBD to be effective, it might be worth giving CBG a try. CBG oil is often derived from cannabis strains that contain less drowsiness-inducing terpenes than those found in CBD oil. 

And because most strains bred to be high in CBG have barely traceable amounts of thc, there is even less concern of any psychoactive properties. 

Some research shows CBG may be beneficial for internal discomfort, sometimes related to digestion, as well. 

Is CBG for Me? 

We believe CBG is an effective, non-psychoactive cannabinoid that will become used more widely as time goes on. However, Woody’s also always recommends speaking to a doctor before using CBG to treat specific ailments or in response to a diagnosis. 

Research and Articles Related to CBG

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