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Tired of guessing the potency of your cannabis (hemp) infused recipes? Use this calculator to make your own hemp (cannabis) oil or alcohol infusions. We recommend weighing your cannabis and using our calculator to better predict the potency of the end result.

How We Determine Total Potency

This calculator accounts for a small loss in cannabinoid potency that will occur during the decarboxylation process. Decarboxylation is a process that changes the acidic form of a cannabinoid into the form we typically consume (like changing THCA to THC and CBDA to CBD) by applying heat.

The change is minimal, but can be important when determining desired potency. Soon, we will add a decarboxylation guide to further help you in the process.

Our Cannabis Infusion Potency Calculator

There are a lot of calculators out there to help consumers figure out how much CBD, CBG, or THC to include in your daily wellness routine. However, most of these do not assist in using hemp in the kitchen.

Use this calculator to improve your cannabis cooking skills! Whether it’s muffins, sauces, gummies, or savory dishes, this calculator will be your best friend in the planning process. Hemp-infused edibles are a great way to incorporate this superfood into your daily routine.

How to Use

1. Make sure your scale is set to measure in grams

2. Weigh your hemp (cannabis) flower before decarboxylation (adding heat).

3. The more oil, butter, or alcohol you use, the weaker your product will be. This is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your purposes.

4. Results are in tablespoons for easy addition to recipes. A tablespoon equals three teaspoons. There are sixteen tablespoons in a cup.

Something else to keep in mind is waste. Several variables, including amount of flower, carrier oil or alcohol, moisture of the flower, and other factors affect how much waste may occur during the extraction process. For example, a 1:1 recipe will not result in a full cup or infused oil or alcohol. Some of the carrier oil or alcohol will be absorbed by the hemp flower. (This calculator does not account for waste.)

However, when cooking with cannabis at home it is rare that you will be using your entire batch at once. Normally, you may use a tablespoon or two at a time, depending on the recipe.

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Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. The Woody’s team are not medical professionals. They are cannabis-loving humans. Woody’s does not take responsibility for how this calculator is used or any negative results that may occur from using this calculator. Woody’s does not promote using this calculator to take part in any illegal activity. Use at your own risk. Stay safe and call a medical professional if you believe you or someone you know needs assistance.

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