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Woody’s TX Gummies

Packed with 25mg CBD, 5mg Delta-9 THC, and a 5% terpene blend dominated by myrcene, Woody’s Gummies will redefine your wellness routine.

The Power Combo: CBD and Delta-9 THC

CBD and Delta-9 THC, the dynamic duo of cannabinoids, unite in Woody’s Gummies. CBD eases your mind, while Delta-9 THC offers a subtle euphoria. Together, they create a symphony of serenity.

Myrcene Magic

Woody’s Gummies’ secret? Myrcene dominance. Myrcene is the soothing terpene you’ve been looking for. Day or night, it brings balance, calm, and a touch of magic.

Daytime or Nighttime

These gummies are your day-to-day companions. Unwind during a busy day. Elevate your mood prior to a stressful moment. Woody’s Gummies have you covered. Boost your joy and slow down a bit to appreciate the world around you.

Organic ingredients and solvent-free extraction make our gummies some of the purest on the market. Count on Woody’s Gummies for top-tier consistency and quality.

With 25mg CBD, 5mg Delta-9 THC, and myrcene’s embrace, Woody’s Gummies offer the perfect blend of relaxation and daytime delight. Find your balance and make every moment delightful with Woody’s Gummies.

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